Organizations hire people of all genders, ages, cultures, styles, and religions with the expectation of them all working together quickly and easily, which isn’t always the case. Set your employees up for success by following these quick tips:

1. State Your Policy. Clearly define your company’s “common culture” with behavioral expectations; these documents will guide your employees’ behaviors. Updating this policy annually and meeting with all employees to review it keeps everyone on the the same page.

2. Education Is Key! Some members of your workplace will need help understanding how to make the new, underrepresented, employees feel welcome. Encourage everyone to keep an open line of communication and ask questions with respect to all colleagues.

3. Manage With Care. To enable each person to be successful at their job, get to know your employees better. Some people need more instruction and others need to be left alone to create. Reward the quality and the quantity of everyone’s work. If you see someone saying or doing something inappropriate, handle it immediately to avoid further conflict. 

Diversity training goes a long way – if you are not versed in it, online courses are one option for everyone; or you can hire a specialist to come in and train you and your team.




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