Safety Philosophy

ALKAR is committed to providing a safe work environment for our employees as well as yours, we offer a higher standard of safety for our clients.

By partnering with ALKAR, our client companies will be positioned to receive the following benefits:

Familiarity with Customer Facilities

Before placing an employee at a client site, ALKAR will perform a thorough on-site inspection that will identify work environment requirements, training needs, production goals and identify any potential unsafe work areas.

Talent Matching

ALKAR offers superior matching of talent to client work environments and production goals.  ALKAR’s comprehensive understanding of its clients’ operations allows us to provide workers who meet our customers’ highest standards. These standards include physical abilities to fulfill essential functions as well as skill sets consistent with our customers’ operations.

Less Downtime and Increased Productivity

Workplace accidents can bring business to a halt, thus costing our clients valuable time and money.  While ALKAR cannot guarantee that employees will be accident free, we take all necessary steps to ensure workers are properly trained and qualified to work at our customers’ facilities.

Preservation of Customer Safety Record

OSHA requires that all reportable incidents taking place at a customer site are documented on the OSHA 300 log.  ALKAR is aware of the importance of a positive safety record along with its role in protecting the customer’s experience.  ALKAR partners with its customers to promote safety awareness, ensure proper training and provide a safe work environment.

Client-Specific Orientation

Although our customers are best qualified to provide site-specific training, ALKAR seeks to understand our customer’s business in order to provide basic safety training and an understanding of the work environment before an employee is placed on assignment.  All ALKAR employees undergo a general safety orientation before being assigned to a client site.  ALKAR staffing consultants will assist our clients in providing on-site training, as necessary.