Degrees are often listed as job requirements. However, if you’ve got the necessary skills and experience, but not the necessary piece of paper, don’t fret. You can position yourself well through these five strategies:

1. Research good-paying jobs in your field. Read lots of job descriptions. Pay attention to the types of skills and certifications those jobs require.

2. Take classes. Enroll in classes at a local vocational school or community college that align with the skills and certs you found in your research.

3. Rework your resume. Reorder your past jobs from most relevant positions to least relevant. Hiring managers want to know that you can handle the requirements of their jobs, so make it as easy as possible to see that you have the skills they need. You can save different versions of your resume for different industries, as some past jobs may be more relevant to one employer, vs another.

4. Get past electronic scanners. Be sure that your relevant skills are listed in your cover letter and page one of your resume. This will help you pass automated screening software.

5. Join a talent network. Alkar is a great resource. They can connect you with positions that match your skill set to help you gain experience while you get certified. One of our professional recruiter’s can help you overcome potential objections from hiring managers.

It may feel like the odds are against you if you don’t have a degree, but if you work hard and demonstrate that you have the skills and experience to do the job, hiring managers will pay attention.







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