Without strong leadership in our communities and organizations we cannot move forward in a positive direction, as a whole. Leaders must always strive to better understand the individuals on their team and how to leverage their strengths so everyone works together effectively to achieve company goals. Here are the five principles to work toward long-term success in leadership:

1. Humanity. We must always remember we are leading people — full of potential, passion and each possessing their own personality.

2. Meaning. Humans are constantly seeking meaning and purpose. It keeps us more enthused, persistent, disciplined and there’s a far more likely chance to succeed when we feel we’re working for a purpose. Great leaders find meaning for themselves and help others find meaning in their work.

3. Influence. Leaders who last recognize that they are in the persuading, inspiring and influencing business. Too often, leaders think about taking control or taking charge. Those thoughts might work in a moment of crisis but overall, this won’t prove effective. The fact is that you cannot control another human being. They make their own choices, and at some point forcing, pushing and controlling won’t get you the outcomes you want.

4. Learning. The path of learning and discovery is achieved by great leaders. No matter the amount of training before handling a team, ultimately, to lead you must observe, reflect, ask, try, mess up and move on. Constantly be thinking about how you can lead more effectively to move your team toward success.

5. Love. This is a strong word but we must love our team, our customers, our work, our purpose and ourselves. You might do okay if you simply “like” one or more of these things or groups, but when you are willing to bring all your passion, and yes, love, to your work you become a true leader.


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Original article by Kevin Eikenberry.

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